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Lawrence Chard

A Confidential Letter to the Lady of the House from Lawrence Chard

- Romance Director
Chard Jewellers

Dear Lady of the House,

        How will you open your Christmas present from the man in your life this year?

        With excitement and anticipation ... or apprehension?

        Because, when you tear off the wrapping paper who knows what you might find. It could be anything from a pair of thermal lined slippers to sexy underwear (you know, fire engine red with black 'fur' trim!). Or maybe even a nice new kettle. Well, couldn't it?

        Us fellas - we don't always get it right, do we?

        Sometimes we just need a little help. A guiding hand.
A pointer or two. Okay ... step-by-step, A-B-C, idiot proof instructions are probably best!

        Look!, if you want excitement and surprises on Christmas morning it can be arranged. Just send your man down to our little Aladdin's cave and Hilary and June will look after him for you. (As you can probably imagine, over the years they've gained a lot of experience in dealing with the bewildered of the species!)

        On the other hand, if you could live with getting just what you want for a change, here's the alternative ...

        P-L-E-A-S-E, don't ask me how I've been able to swing it, but if you'd prefer to come down and choose your own Xmas pressie, I've managed to persuade Santa Claus himself to write to your other half ... and drop a BIG hint.

        He's left me a copy of the letter down at the showroom so you can see what he's going to write. All you have to do is pick out what you'd like, complete the enclosed postcard and post it in the special letter box on the counter.


And there's something else. Just for calling in

and having a look at our dazzling collection of jewellery, you could WIN an 18 Carat Gold "Diamond" necklet ... and have it delivered by Santa himself on Christmas day.

        Now that would get the neighbours talking!

        All you have to do is to jot down your name and address on the postcard and pop it in Santa's letter box.

        And don't worry - it's never been 'safer' to visit Chard's. You don't even have to leave your purse at home. Remember that every diamond ring we make is designed with loving care to fill someone's dream, every piece of gold jewellery we stock is selected with great care. Our own ladies first have to like it, then we try it on, it has to look and feel right in wear before we add it to our collection. Yes you're sure to be tempted by what you see, such as ...

        ... but this time you've got Santa on your side!

        So, if you want to make sure there's an extra bit of sparkle in YOUR Christmas this year call by and see us soon ... before your man starts looking at the kitchen appliance section in the 'Argos' catalogue.

        Happy Christmas

        Lawrence Chard
        Chard Jewellers

P.S. Call in well before Christmas if you want Santa to send a letter for you ... he's going to be busy! And remember - when you put your postcard in the special letter box you could WIN an 18 Carat Gold 'Diamond' Necklet delivered by Santa on Christmas day. Good luck! the Lowest Possible Price

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